Where will Buster the Bear be?

The plan for Buster to travel around the UK currently looks like this:

  • Karen Turner, Kat Sparkes Emma Kavanagh Michelle Ward -  Norwich 1st to 8th June
  • Sarah Kenney  - Leiston  10th to 17th June
  • Jaymee Heaton – Peterborough and Cambridge 19th to 26th June
  • Clare Coningsby - Royston 28th to 5th July
  • Cher Gary King - Stevenage 7th to 14th July
  • Sarah-Jayne Ebdon – High Wycombe 16th to 23rd July
  • Sharon Carter – Reading 25th to 1st August
  • Sara Dalby - Portsmouth 3rd to 10th August
  • Debbie Wright – Gosport 12th to 19th August
  • Rose Glendinning – New Forest 21st to 28th August
  • Gina Powell – Devon 30th to 6th September
  • Emma Vickers – Witney 26th to 3rd October
  • Penny Broderick - Malvern 5th to 12th October
  • Catrin Quinn – West Brom 14th to 21st October
  • Kathryn Brewster - Hucknall 23rd to 30th October
  • Emma Lavinia Dickinson - Cheshire 1st to 8th November
  • Hayley was knight Long – Rochdale 10th to 17th November
  • Jessica Haslem - Preston 19th to 26th November
  • Andrea Sara McShannon – Argyll and Brute 28th to 5th December
  • Kerri Alexander – Aviemore 7th to 14th December
  • Back to Norwich
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