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Welcome to Awareness Bear


We are a group of mummies (and a couple of daddies) on a big mission!

Kat’s beautiful baby boy went into severe heart failure at only 15 weeks old and was diagnosed with complete Atrioventricular septal defect (AVSD). Kat has since then discovered that the Children’s Heart Federation are campaigning to get Pulse Oximetry screening for all newborns in the UK. Had Maximus been screened at birth his condition would have been monitored and managed.

Karen decided to “put it out there” on a busy nappy Facebook group an idea that at the time seemed crazy, but as a result we now have an Awareness Bear, a gorgeous Bambooty cloth nappy and 20 places (mostly Real Nappy libraries) for him to visit in the UK. Our aim is to help CHF reach the 10,000 signatures needed  on the petition, raise lots of money for HeartLine and spread some fluffy cloth nappy love and allow people to see how easy they are to use.

We hope you enjoy following Awareness Bear as much as we have enjoyed getting him ready for his very important adventure!

Dont forget to go and sign the Pulse Oximetry e-petition now.

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Charities We Support

Who are we supporting and why?

We are raising money for Heartline who support children and families with heart disorders and defects.

The main reason we started this is because of Maximus, who is Kat’s baby boy. He was born with a complete AVSD, which wasn’t discovered until he was 15 weeks old. By this point Maximus had gone into severe heart failure.

Every year Heartline provide ongoing support for families such as Kat’s through various ways. However those support systems cost money, as well as the raising awareness that Heartline carry out.

An invaluable source of help and information is the Forums that Heartline provides. The entire organisation is run by parents of children with heart problems.

So if you have recently had a child diagnosed with a heart condition, then we thoroughly recommend taking a look at their website, and contacting them if  you need any information at all.

If you want to donate to Heartline, then you can do so by clicking here 

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Buster Bear’s Plan

Where will Buster the Bear be?

The plan for Buster to travel around the UK currently looks like this:

  • Karen Turner, Kat Sparkes Emma Kavanagh Michelle Ward -  Norwich 1st to 8th June
  • Sarah Kenney  - Leiston  10th to 17th June
  • Jaymee Heaton – Peterborough and Cambridge 19th to 26th June
  • Clare Coningsby - Royston 28th to 5th July
  • Cher Gary King - Stevenage 7th to 14th July
  • Sarah-Jayne Ebdon – High Wycombe 16th to 23rd July
  • Sharon Carter – Reading 25th to 1st August
  • Sara Dalby - Portsmouth 3rd to 10th August
  • Debbie Wright – Gosport 12th to 19th August
  • Rose Glendinning – New Forest 21st to 28th August
  • Gina Powell – Devon 30th to 6th September
  • Emma Vickers – Witney 26th to 3rd October
  • Penny Broderick - Malvern 5th to 12th October
  • Catrin Quinn – West Brom 14th to 21st October
  • Kathryn Brewster - Hucknall 23rd to 30th October
  • Emma Lavinia Dickinson - Cheshire 1st to 8th November
  • Hayley was knight Long – Rochdale 10th to 17th November
  • Jessica Haslem - Preston 19th to 26th November
  • Andrea Sara McShannon – Argyll and Brute 28th to 5th December
  • Kerri Alexander – Aviemore 7th to 14th December
  • Back to Norwich
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